6 ways Eco Facilities Solutions can help your business go green

air source heat pump

6 ways Eco Facilities Solutions can help your business go green

Eco Facilities Solutions puts an environmentally-friendly emphasis on all of our services, including everything from commercial HVAC installations to advice on renewable energy alternatives. If you’re looking for methods to go green this Earth Day, here are some ways we can help:

  1. Harness renewable energy with an air source heat pump

Enjoy an environmentally-friendly way of heating your space whilst also saving up to 50 per cent on heating costs! This system absorbs heat from the outdoor air (even when it’s cold outside) and converts it into heat for your premises. It works for radiators, hot water boilers or underfloor heating systems. We specialise in the installation, maintenance and servicing of these systems and are proud to have helped numerous commercial premises around the UK implement this renewable energy source.

  1. Improve the efficiency of existing HVAC systems

Eco Facilities Solutions can provide immense improvements to the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. We simply need to assess the current running state of the equipment (which we can do for free with a quick survey) which we will use to identigy key areas of improvement. This can be everything from cleaning the equipment to replacing parts, or helping you implement a building management control system to ensure that systems are only running when necessary.

  1. Advising on the possibility of a rainwater harvesting systemrainwater harvesting

We also specialise in the installation of rainwater harvesting systems. You can help protect the environment and conserve water by using rainwater for things like toilet flushing and watering the garden. Contact us to learn more about the potential for savings with a rainwater system.

  1. Energy efficient lighting

Although Eco’s core services revolve around HVAC systems, we are also skilled in electrical installations and lighting setups. We can advise on the most eco-friendly options for commercial lighting, ensuring that you save electricity and cost while meeting relevant building standards for electrical equipment.

  1. Converting your facilities into a smart building

Our experience in facilities management has made us experts at developing and implementing building management and control systems. These scalable solutions allow you to have better operational control over the energy and electricity being utilised on site, helping your business ‘go green’ and simplifying operations.

  1. Use the Earth to your benefit

Eco Facilities Solutions can also advise on the installation and servicing of ground source heat pumps. Replace your conventional gas or electrical heating system with an environmentally-friendly option that simply extracts heat from the ground near your facilities. This system involves a series of pipes that are buring underground to source heat into a heat pump. Want lower fuel bills and a lower carbon emission? Get in touch for impartial advice.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an environmentally-friendly business, contact Eco Facilities Solutions today.