About Us

Eco Facilities Solutions was established in the North East in October 2010 with an aim to provide facilities management services for the built environment. Our focus is on the design, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of air conditioning and HVAC systems. This, combined with our friendly and cost-effective service, makes us the first choice for a wide range of businesses.

Our services focus is on delivering efficient, quality facilities management solutions at an affordable cost. We operate through a ‘service culture,’ which is based upon the quality principles of meeting our customers’ requirements through a customer-centric approach.

Who we are

Essentially we’re engineers, but of course it’s a little more than that.

Our directors have risen through the ranks of major PLC organisations. This means that we can look at a project – no matter how large or small – with the vision to deliver a quality turnkey project. We can offer innovations in the areas of design, estimating and engineering.

With 30 years’ industry experience, we possess a high level of technical ability and a sound financial background. This means that we can provide solutions and services effectively at a competitive price. The solutions we offer are tailored to suit your requirements, and we’ll agree a programme of works to ensure there are no surprises. This ensures that projects are complete on time and within budget.

Our staff

Eco Facilities Solutions’ staff are all trained in their relevant disciplines, with most being either apprentice or vocationally trained. We are committed to providing ongoing training for our employees, and encourage innovation and creativity at all levels. Plus, our people enjoy the work they do.

All of our employees and subcontractors utilise our quality management system, which helps us ensure that work is completed in line with our values and your companies’ operating instructions.

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We provide information, instruction and training as is necessary to guarantee the safe performance of work activities.


Eco Facilities Solutions is always looking for experienced and qualified engineers to join our team. Please view our job openings page.

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