How We Work

Our focus is on the design, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of air conditioning and HVAC systems. This combined with our friendly and cost effective service makes us the first choice for a wide range of businesses. We operate through a ‘Service Culture’ which is based upon the quality principles of meeting our customers’ requirements through a customer centric approach.

Sales and service employees put customer needs first when presenting solutions and providing support. Other employees work behind the scenes to ensure customers get a good product experience.

We ensure that our staff are trained in their relevant disciplines.

75% of our staff are apprentice or vocationally trained.

We believe in our people, their capabilities & experience.

We are committed to providing training for employees.

We encourage the development of skills and knowledge for the individual and for the company.

We encourage innovation & creativity at all levels.

We set and achieve continuous improvement.

Most of all – Our people enjoy the work they do.

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