Air conditioning: what is TM44 and how can it affect your business?

Air conditioning: what is TM44 and how can it affect your business?

TM44 is the code used to refer to an inspection of air conditioning systems. It is now a compulsory/legal requirement to have your aircon inspected every five years, or you could face a fine.

Since 2011, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has made it a legal requirement that an accredited inspector undertakes a mandatory TM44 Energy Efficiency Inspection at least once every five years on any air conditioning installation over 12kW total capacity. The regulations are enforced by Trading Standards and carry fines for non-compliance.

The Government webpage on the subject warns that if you don’t get your air-conditioning inspected every 5 years, you will be fined £300. While £300 might not seem like a huge amount, you’ll still then have to pay for an inspection, so it’s worth getting one scheduled in.

Eco Facilities Solutions can advise on the need for an Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Inspection and arrange for it to be conducted by a member of our national network of independently-accredited inspection partners.

The inspections are designed to ensure the system is suitable for the intended purpose and confirm that it is operating correctly and efficiently.

Although it is not mandatory to act on the recommendations of the Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Inspection, most of our clients choose to do so because the findings often highlight energy saving opportunities, which outweigh the cost of the inspection itself.

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