Is your air conditioning system broken?

air conditioning repair

Is your air conditioning system broken?

5 warning signs that an HVAC system might require maintenance


For many homeowners and business managers, an air conditioning system is a necessity, but also a complicated piece of equipment.

Air conditioning units often require a complex installation process and can be difficult to tend to without expert knowledge. But what if the air conditioner is acting up?

Here are a few warning signs that your A/C unit may require maintenance:

  1. It won’t blow cold air.

This is quite obvious, but if the air conditioning system isn’t functioning, request a repair from a trained HVAC engineer!

  1. Why is the air conditioning making a banging sound?

Great question – it’s probably something related to the inner mechanical components of the A/C unit. If you’re hearing odd sounds, clanking, squeaking or groans coming from the air conditioning system, it’s time to call an HVAC professional who can diagnose and repair the problem safely.

  1. Uneven distribution, temperature fluctuations or excessive moisture

If the air conditioning unit is operating erratically, distributing the cool air unevenly, or if you notice that areas of the building are noticeably different temperatures, you may need an inspection. Check that the thermostat is not near a hot or cold source, and if it is still acting up, request a call-out.

  1. The energy bills have bills air conditioning

If your energy bills dramatically increase – and it’s not due to seasonal changes – the HVAC system might not be performing properly. An engineer can identify and easily repair the problem, which could involve the condenser coils, refrigerant levels or other more technical issues.

  1. The air conditioning smells strange.

Do you notice weird smells when the air conditioning comes on? You may need a new filter, the condensate may need to be drained, or it could require further cleaning and servicing.


So, if you suspect that the A/C isn’t working properly, let Eco Facilities Solutions help – we have air conditioning engineers available in Newcastle and across the nation to respond to queries straight away, and we offer fixed call-out charges to suite your budget. 

Regular inspections can also be useful to help ensure that your air conditioning system works efficiently. Contact us to arrange for annual servicing to prevent a malfunction!