Brexit and F-Gas: what next?

Brexit and F-Gas: what next?

UK heating and cooling industry aims to align with EU regulations post-Brexit


Key political organisations have made further steps to identify F-Gas regulations with the impending Brexit negotiations.

FETA is defending the efforts by the UK cooling industry to move to lower GWP refrigerants after an investigation into use of HFCs by the Environmental Audit Committee.

The investigation looked into existing industry practices and the progress made by the cooling sector. The committee raised concerns about the progress that’s been made to reduce F-gas emissions, with the Committee on Climate Change saying that progress had recently “flatlined.”

The 2018 targets for HFC consumption are significant in comparison to the ‘baby steps’ the industry has made in 2015 and 2016.

This is particularly challenging for the supermarket industry, which has a very high consumption. Although the industry has invested in new systems and is in the process of transitioning to more efficient systems, much more work must be done to reduce emissions from HFCs and remain in line with EU agreements.

A large proportion of the efforts have revolved around reducing leakages and switching to alternative refrigerants like R404A. However, in order to meet upcoming, more stringent regulations, many large organisations wanting to switch to ultra-low GWP gases will likely need to complete a wholesale stripping out and replacement of plant.

Eco Facilities Solutions is committed to assisting companies upgrade their systems to meet F-Gas requirements and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We can help in a number of ways, including everything from identifying leaks to completing replacement works, and have done a variety of projects to help North East businesses adhere to F-Gas regulations.

Contact us for advice on making your business compliant and reducing emissions from HFCs.