Britain wastes £2.2bn each year on heating

Britain wastes £2.2bn each year on heating

British households are wasting £2.2bn on heating each year just by failing to set their thermostats correctly, according to new research.

It’s claimed that, with an average heating bill of £747 a year, turning off the heating when not needed could save a household £82.52 a year.

The figures don’t take the businesses into account, but would, of course, increase greatly if businesses’ wasted energy was included in the overall picture.

It is claimed that people in the UK leave their central heating on for six and a half hours a week longer than they should. Almost a fifth (18%) wasted energy for 10 hours or more each week.

Around half (51%) of the 2,000 people polled admit that they heat their homes when they are out of the house and not returning or when it isn’t needed at all.

Householders, on average, heat their properties for almost 59 hours a week, with the heating on unnecessarily for 11% of the time.

If the domestic picture is something you experience in the workplace, you could be wasting countless amounts by heating your offices or units unnecessarily.

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