Case study: heating and cooling works at Dalton Cumbrian Facility

Case study: heating and cooling works at Dalton Cumbrian Facility

Client: University of Manchester

Consultant: RPS

Site: Dalton Campus

Project Value: £42,000.00

Project Details:

The Dalton Cumbrian Facility (DCF) is a state-of-the-art nuclear research complex for the Dalton Nuclear Institute where academia and industry from all over the world can collaborate.

Research in the disciplines of radiation science and nuclear engineering decommissioning is undertaken and dedicated skills development programmes are delivered here.

The Works:

Pelletron within Accelerator Hall The site was a complete new build and is situated on the West Lakes Science and Technology park.

We were originally asked to supply and install a 40Kw water chiller to meet the requirements of the new Pelletron.

The latest addition to the Dalton Cumbrian Facility’s ion-beam accelerator hall is the £3 million Pelletron.

Installed in September 2012, this 5MV tandem accelerator is capable of supplying 10 MeV protons and 15 MeV helium ions as well as a variety of partially stripped heavy (e.g. metal) ions for research in nuclear energy (and also other areas, such as in radiobiology and space missions).

Cassette in Teaching Area

The equipment was purchased with funding from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and is the only one of its kind in the UK. The ion accelerator operates six beam lines, three focused on radiation chemistry and three on materials damage.

This work progressed to the additional cooling and heating requirements of the site and we further installed;

  • A 40Kw DX condensing unit which connects to the buildings main AHU and is sited internally within the main plant room
  • A 17Kw air source heat pump which provides underfloor heating to the ground floor lab area of the building
  • 6 off heat pump split systems with a configuration of both wall and cassette mount indoor units
  • The external chiller, air source heat pump and split condensing units are located within a central external roof space.

Chemistry Lab

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