Got A/C? Prepare for summer 2017

summer 2017 heatwave

Got A/C? Prepare for summer 2017

Get ready for a scorching summer with air conditioning installation

Long-term forecasts for summer 2017 have predicted an unseasonably hot summer this year, with heat surges potentially reaching a record 38C across the United Kingdom.

Tropical air movements from the Indian and Pacific Oceans, referred to as Madden-Julian Oscillations (MJO), as well as global warming, could result in a warmer than usual summer for the UK. The British Weather Services have forecasted at least one long period of ‘heatwave’ conditions.

Are you prepared for a hot summer?

Only around 30 per cent of retail facilities and 65 per cent of office spaces have installed air conditioning systems. Plus, many existing units don’t receive adequate maintenance and servicing.

It’s important to ensure you’re prepared to run your business successfully, protect your employees, and maintain an affordable energy budget. Eco Facilities Solutions can advise on the best HVAC systems, as well as providing installation, maintenance and servicing for air conditioning units.

We supply and install energy-efficient HVAC systems to ensure your costs remain low, including unit from the leading manufacturers LG, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Daikin. We can also provide repair servicing on any type of unit, across the United Kingdom, at fixed-call out charges.

If you already HVAC system on-site, be sure to have it maintenanced before the heavy use it will experience this summer! It may not operate as efficiently or safely unless you’ve had it looked at by a trained HVAC engineer.

Contact Eco Facilities Solutions to ensure you have a properly functioning air conditioning system before summer hits!