How indoor air quality impacts staff productivity

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How indoor air quality impacts staff productivity

Whether you manage an office of staff who fight over the thermostat or run a manufacturing facility that is always uncomfortably warm, all facilities managers will be familiar with the importance of a properly functioning HVAC system.

Heating and air conditioning systems can also impact on the ventilation of a space, humidity, air flow… even the smell. And not only does HVAC effect the comfort of occupants, it also can impact on your staff’s ability to do their job well.

In a recent Workplace Trends conference, the WELL Building Standard Institute discussed indoor air quality and worker productivity. We learned that staff productivity can increase by 8-11 per cent after improvements to air quality as well.

Another study demonstrated that people working in a ‘normal’ office environment had much lower cognitive abilities than those who worked while being exposed to ‘high quality air.’ Better air quality allowed for better decision-making and planning capabilities. Other research proved that poor ventilation resulted in higher levels of sick leave.

Improving air quality for employees

The air quality of buildings is dependent on numerous factors, including air flow, outdoor air contamination from inside and outside a building, and especially ventilation.

Many complex HVAC systems – like those in large-scale office buildings, factories, retail environments, etc – require regular monitoring and maintenance to operate efficiently, safely and in a cleanly manner. Without regular maintenance, ventilation systems may not perform efficiently enough to deliver sufficient air quality.

An investment in your commercial HVAC systems is an investment in your employees – and it could help save on energy costs, or avoid a breakdown expense. Contact us today for a free survey of your premises.

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