Improving EPCs for commercial landlords

Improving EPCs for commercial landlords

Commercial landlords should be aware that standards for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are set to change in April 2018.

Buildings which have been given an ‘F’ or ‘G’ EPC rating are not eligible to be let after this date. And after 2023, buildings rated ‘E’ will be ineligible.

This change could impact on a considerable number of commercial landlords. About 80 per cent of UK office buildings are older than ten years, and a recent study showed that a majority of British office spaces have HVAC systems that are operating inefficiently.

Commercial landlords who don’t comply with the new energy efficiency standards could be fined up to £160,000 per property. However, there is much that could be done to improve efficiency in time for the new standard.

Eco Facilities Solutions offers a free survey which can help to identify areas of inefficiency in HVAC, mechanical, or electrical systems.

By identifying areas where energy savings may be made, we can recommend solutions and enable you to make an informed decision.

We can help your business ‘go green’ in numerous ways: through improvements to current systems, with installations of modern equipment, or even by recommending and installing renewable energy sources like air source heat pumps. A building management control system could also empower building owners to understand and correct inefficiencies.

If you are a commercial landlord concerned about the upcoming EPC standards, contact Eco Facilities Solutions’ Director Tony Madden on 0845 6522208 or email