The best times for maintenance or inspections

The best times for maintenance or inspections

When is the right time to schedule an installation, maintenance repairs or inspection for your facility’s equipment? The answer is, of course, before something goes wrong.

Maintenance is key for protecting your business, maintaining a comfortable environment, and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

It’s widely recommended that HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems receive an inspection annually as standard. This ensures that your commercial systems are working effectively and in line with building regulations.

Regular inspections are especially useful for ensuring that commercial systems work efficiently. On average, HVAC systems will lose five to ten per cent energy efficiency each year if not properly serviced and maintained.

Being proactive by scheduling regular maintenance not only increases efficiency, it also saves costs. Lack of maintenance also could result in malfunctions or a generally shorter life span for the equipment (and higher investment required in the long run!)

So, when should you schedule an inspection?

The most convenient time to plan for an inspection or routine maintenance is during a time that your business is operating minimally – i.e. during half-term for schools and universities, or over holiday periods when business is slower or premises are more vacant than normal.

We also usually recommend that HVAC systems receive an inspection and servicing before the season in which they need to work hardest. If you have permanent commercial air conditioning units, spring is the optimum time for tuning up equipment before the A/C system’s ‘busy season.’

However, if you have systems that have not received regular inspections, don’t wait before getting them checked. Our HVAC building engineers often get called out for repairs on heating systems that have not been maintained – this is especially true this time of year!

Eco Facilities Solutions has the expertise and resource to provide detailed, rigorous inspection work necessary to keep your commercial HVAC, mechanical or electrical systems running to the best of their ability.

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