New quality mark for heating industry will not be compulsory

New quality mark for heating industry will not be compulsory

Recommendations to add a compulsory new ‘quality mark’ for those working in the renewable and energy efficiency projects have been scrapped.

The suggestion, to launch a quality mark against which all those engaged in design and installation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures would be assessed and certified, was part of a broader set of proposals published under the Each Home Counts review.

However, industry insiders feared the proposals would add another layer of red tape for businesses to negotiate, and pointed to schemes such as Gas Safe Register, PAS 2030 and the Competent Persons Scheme as examples of existing safeguards for consumers.

The idea of making the quality mark compulsory has now been shelved after extensive feedback from the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC), which opposed the introduction of the new quality mark on the basis that certification of products was outside the scope of Each Home Counts.

Other proposals in the review included:

  • Consumer Charter to set out the positive experience that the consumer can expect under the quality mark including response times, financial protections and access to redress procedures when things go wrong
  • Code of Conduct to set out clear requirements and guidance on how companies behave, operate and report in order to be awarded and hold the quality mark
  • Technical Codes of Practice and Standards for the installation of home renewable energy and energy efficiency measures so that the risk of poor-quality installation is minimised
  • Development of an Information Hub and Data Warehouse.

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