Reduce commercial heating costs

Reduce commercial heating costs

6 ways to reduce commercial heating costs this winter

One of the biggest challenges for facility and energy managers is reducing energy consumption and heating costs.

HVAC systems typically account for the largest proportion – around 40 per cent – of energy consumption in commercial buildings.

However, Eco Facilities Solutions can offer many ways to maintain effective control over HVAC equipment and can advise on new, more efficient technologies to help your business save.

Here, we offer some ideas for improving your commercial heating systems during the winter months.

Schedule a maintenance check

Is your heating equipment operating to the latest building standards and as efficiently as it could be? Regular maintenance or a simple check-up can determine whether – or not – your equipment is functioning at the maximum working order.

Implement a building management control system

By maintaining stricter control over your building’s heating and ventilation systems, you can ensure you are operating efficiently while providing a more comfortable environment for staff or customers.

We empower our clients by implementing easy-to-use, intuitive building management systems that allow for smarter monitoring of heating and air conditioning.

Check for draughts

Heat loss occurs through doors, windows, and lofts. If you’re experiencing draughts or have single glazing, small upgrades to your glazing or insulation could positively impact on energy savings.

Install more efficient boilers

The latest Building Regulations have set minimum efficiency standards for boilers, and by upgrading your boiler system to a new model, you could save tonnes on heating costs.

Modern boilers can provide better energy efficiency whilst heating premises more effectively. Contact Eco Facilities Solutions to discuss boiler installation and to receive advice on the best boiler replacement options.

Consider using destratification fans

If your premises have high ceilings or open plan layouts, it might be worth discussing the impact that destratification fans could have on your heating efficiency. These fans blow warm air down toward ground level to help you reduce your energy usage and heating costs.

Check the thermostat

This may seem obvious, but many businesses don’t monitor their building’s temperature settings strictly enough. According to the Carbon Trust, setting the thermostat’s temperature to just 1°C lower could reduce an annual heating bill by up to 8 per cent. Keeping temperatures at the minimum comfort level could help your organisation save this winter.

Use of a centrally-controlled heating system or other building management platform can also help to ensure you aren’t heating at unnecessary times, like evenings and weekends.


Would you like to learn more about improving commercial heating systems? Contact us with any questions, or request a free survey to gain a better understanding of how improved HCAV equipment or building management systems can help your organisation save.