Reducing HVAC energy consumption

Reducing HVAC energy consumption

A recent BRE report has highlighted some alarming statistics in regards to the UK’s energy use and air conditioning.

According to the report, almost one-tenth of the UK’s total electricity consumption could be attributed to air conditioning systems.

With heat waves becoming a more frequent occurrence, air conditioning has become more prevalent, especially in Southern parts of the country. About 65 per cent of office spaces and around 30 per cent of retail facilities have now installed air conditioning systems.

However, most of these systems lack adequate control systems and are missing out on maintenance, which could save valuable usage and spend on electricity.

An analysis of Air Conditioning Inspection Reports has demonstrated that over one-quarter of facilities require improvements in building management and control systems, and 16 per cent should consider improving their maintenance schedules.

The report also analysed the median electrical consumption:

– electrical consumption for cooling in offices is generally 13 kWh/m2 above the typical benchmark

– and the average electricity energy usage value was 4 kWh/m2 higher.

This may be due to the fact that many air conditioning systems are left in use while buildings are unoccupied.

The report states that facilities management operators will require more specific recommendations, better maintenance and improved building management control systems in order to reduce energy consumption.

Regular inspections are essential for ensuring that commercial A/C systems work efficiently. Eco Facilities Solutions can provide detailed analysis of the efficiency of your HVAC systems. We’ll also provide the necessary maintenance as well as building management control systems to deliver improved efficiency.

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