By harnessing renewable energy, you can reduce carbon emissions and save money. Eco Facilities Solutions can advise on the best methods for generating and utilising renewable energy at your premises.

We offer installation, servicing and maintenance for the following renewable systems:

Air source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps

Air source and ground source heat pumps can replace conventional gas or electric heating systems, saving money on fuel bills and lowering carbon emissions. Eco Facilities Solutions install and service each of these heating systems.

Our experienced team of renewable energy experts can advise on the best type of system for your premises based upon an initial survey and discussion about your energy requirements.

We can advise on the best installation method for your heat pump. We consider factors like location of the heat pump, insulation and the type of associated heating system (i.e. underfloor heating systems) to ensure your facility is heated as effectively as possible.

We’ll also service your air source or ground source heat pump in the instance that it requires a repair, and can provide maintenance inspections to ensure that your renewable energy generation is working efficiently and cost-effectively.

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