Is your workplace temperature breaching health and safety standards?

Is your workplace temperature breaching health and safety standards?

Ensuring that your workplace temperature meets health and safety standards


Britain is not used to the heat, and with this summer already breaking record temperatures, it’s important to ensure that facilities managers are following building regulations and protecting employees’ health and safety with proper air conditioning.

There is not a maximum temperature set out by the HSE’s workplace recommendations, but the temperature of your workplace should be set dependent on the type of work being carried out. The CIBSE recommends the following temperatures:

  • Heavy work in factories: 13°C
  • Light work in factories: 16°C
  • Hospital wards and shops: 18°C
  • Offices and dining rooms: 20°C


workplace temperature safetyMore strict temperature control is necessary in environments like care homes, since hot temperatures are more likely to impact vulnerable people like the elderly or those who are already ill.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has also been urging workplaces to be lenient when it comes to dress codes and working hour this summer, in order to ensure people are comfortable and not forced to work outdoors during the hotter periods of the day.

The easiest way to ensure that workplace temperatures are safe for employees is to install and maintain air conditioning systems that allow the temperature to be maintained easily.

Contact us if you’re concerned about your ability to keep employees safe this summer. Eco Facilities Solutions can advise on the best HVAC systems, as well as providing installation, maintenance and servicing for air conditioning units.

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